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Brazil managed to make it eight successive victories

Brazil managed to make it eight successive victories after a 1-0 win over Chile in a friendly match.

This victory came days after the stunning 3-1 win over France. This appears to have confirmed that the national team are completely over the disappointing exit at the 2014 home World Cup. A number of aspects have changed since that fateful 7-1 thrashing at the hands of Germany in the semifinals. The arrival of Dunga back to the hot seat appears to have given the team a lot of confidence and it is clearly evident from the way we have been playing in these friendly matches.

Dunga admits that it will be difficult to forget what happened against Germany, but he clearly sees positive signs from his players after this victory. Brazil will undoubtedly be favourites for the upcoming Copa America. A victory in this tournament will go a long way towards not only cementing Brazil’s position in South America, but also across the world. The fame of the national team has reduced somewhat after their failure to lift yet another World Cup title. Brazil have not won the World Cup since the 2002 success in Asia. Brazil still have two more friendlies before the start of the Copa America. Read more »

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Brazil spent around 14 billion in New Stadiums

Brazil spent around 14 billion in order build new stadiums as well as they had to renovate 7 of their own stadiums in order for the 2014 World Cup to take place in the South American country. However, ever since that international competition ended it has been very difficult to attract big crowds to those stadiums on a consistent basis.

A few of the cities on where the stadiums where built have decided to hand over those stadiums to private companies because they simply can’t afford to maintain them at a high quality standard.

It’s a disappointment seeing a nation that lives and breathes the sport not being able to keep hold some of their stadiums due to those places not having first division football teams or anything of that nature. Read more »

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Solskjaer feel Rooney to be Biggest Players in English Football

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinks that his former teammate and one of the biggest superstars in English football Wayne Rooney is better off playing as a midfielder.

According to Solskjaer, seeing Rooney play in the last few games, one can say that the 29-year old can help his team more playing deep than playing right up front.

Rooney was the first scorer for the Red Devils the other night when they took on Liverpool on their home pitch.

Later on, two more goals got scored by United and they eventually won by 3-0.

By virtue of the three points that United got in that game there, they are now at the third position in the Premier League table, 5 points behind Manchester City and 8 points behind Chelsea.

It was United’s 6th win on the trot. After losing 0-1 to the local rivals City, they have not looked behind and have got better of teams like Arsenal, Southampton and then, Liverpool.

Obviously, a lot of work is still to be done for United to be able to take over City in the table. It requires mammoth effort actually, but, from where they were at the start of the season to reach where they are now; it’s already a heck of an effort by the 20-time champions.

And, Rooney, the captain, has obviously done his bit in this turnaround of the team, playing in a new role, deeper than what he used to do and flourishing.

When Solskjaer was asked about Rooney after the Liverpool game, the 41-year old Norwegian said, “Wayne has been slotted to a position which he is best suited to at the moment and he is doing a great job there. He is just getting better and better in the midfield.”

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Blatter displays full support for Russia to host 2018

The 2018 World Cup still is a few years’ time away from kicking off which is enough time for managers and nations to prepare their respective teams as well as start setting up all of the things that will be necessary for the approaching tournament to be held and played with success.

Russia was selected as the hosts of the next edition of the worldwide competition but not everyone agrees with this decision as there have been a series of issues that has been going around with conflicts in Ukraine still not settling down in its entirety and now some European nations have even taken into consideration making a boycott or a protest for the tournament to be held somewhere else but Sepp Blatter has displayed his full support for the decision of Russia being the place where the 2018 World Cup is going to be held on as the Swiss president of FIFA stated that him and the organization that he is currently in charge of have full confidence in the Russian government and everything about it.

“FIFA unconditionally supports the staging of the World Cup by Russia. A boycott will never give any positive effect. We trust the country, its government’’

Blatter continued on comparing the current situation of Russia and the 2018 World Cup with the Winter Olympics.

“Russia is the world’s biggest country. You know, Russia is in the eye of the international media. Football can not only unite Russia but show the whole world that it is stronger that any protest movement. That was the same situation ahead of Sochi, but neither during nor after the games, has there been a single word against these games,” he said.

Not too long ago, there was an incident that occurred when Albania and Serbia were playing against each other in their 2016 Euro’s qualifying matches and the match could never even be finished due to a brawl which occurred after a drone with a pro-Albanian banner was shown in the pitch.

This is a possible event that can occur if things get heated up in a match between Ukraine and Russia but Sepp Blatter later said that both national teams will be kept apart and they will try to keep both squads as far away from each other as possible.