25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo ● Amazing Skills Show ● 2013-2014 ||HD||”

  1. fuck This guy (Cristiano Ronaldo) he won golden boots and Sold it for
    around 1.5 M Euro = 10 M inside my country and Give it to terrorist for
    buying guns and ammo.. ! need to break his legs for this !!! WHAT A PIECE
    OF SHIT !

  2. The REAL Ronaldo scored 16 world cup goals…. How many did this
    counterfeit score?

  3. feel the power…….#CristianoRonaldo!!!!!!!……..,n his skills r
    amazing…….one of the best in their foot……..<3 <3........+1 if u r a
    good fan of him...... :))

  4. Finally my boy Ronaldo won his 2nd Ballon Dor. Messi having 4 and Ronaldo 2
    is still a joke! Its just a shame that Ibrahimovic wasnt on the 3 best
    because he is definitely better than Ribery. This prize is about individual
    skills and not team trophies, if it was like that then in 2004 one of the
    Porto players would have won this prize. They won the C. League,
    Internationl Cup, Portuguese League and Supercup.

  5. Is it true that when Ronaldo was a kid other kids made fun of him because
    he was speaking a dialect of portugese?

  6. the best all rounded player ever.. and more assists than messi. let’s see
    how well messi can play without barcelona

  7. Messi doesn’t rely on fancy tricks or diving. He is just pure skill, the
    epitome of football.

  8. He looks like faggot the ugliest footbal player ever… Messi is better and
    there even were a lot of player better than he is 

  9. Ronaldo is better than Messi. Messi is a better team player, but he’s just
    not exciting to watch. He has speed and quickness to move the ball around,
    but he doesn’t make it look like he’s doing anything special out there.
    Ronaldo make the game joyful to watch. He can make defenders look like

  10. I respect messi but Ronaldo is better. He was known as the best player in
    Premier League and i believe most say in Spain that he is the best here to.
    Obviously it would be no point to argue with a Barca fan he would say Messi
    is better. 

  11. people want o be like ronaldo because they can actually replicate him its
    impossible to do what messi does

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