25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho ● The Most Skillful Player Ever ● 2008-2015”

    #Ronaldinho best skills in his career so far Milan, Flamengo, Atlético
    Mineiro, Querétaro

  2. RONALDINHO!!!!!!! <333333333333
    favourite player of all time, simply magnificent this guy!

  3. U should ve done his barça times as well, it is where he shined the
    most…still legend!

  4. Get him on an MLS team immediately! we are stacking up with ‘crowd puller’
    talents and he is the biggest available! previous best ever and avoiding
    european football…

  5. hey SportVideosMM plzz tell why are you not making best goals of this
    season like you did earlier????it was wonderful
    plz reply

  6. This is is video about skills,not like others where it lasts for 4 min and
    2 minutes is about penalites and their five time replay!

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