Brazil spent around 14 billion in New Stadiums

Brazil spent around 14 billion in order build new stadiums as well as they had to renovate 7 of their own stadiums in order for the 2014 World Cup to take place in the South American country. However, ever since that international competition ended it has been very difficult to attract big crowds to those stadiums on a consistent basis.

A few of the cities on where the stadiums where built have decided to hand over those stadiums to private companies because they simply can’t afford to maintain them at a high quality standard.

It’s a disappointment seeing a nation that lives and breathes the sport not being able to keep hold some of their stadiums due to those places not having first division football teams or anything of that nature.

The general secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke believes that it will take time for Brazil to fully benefit from the stadiums that they built not too long ago.

“You can always criticize the fact that some of the stadiums are not used permanently but they have all been used. Not enough say some people but it cannot be in the first phase. It took time in every organizing country to use the facilities that were built, after the World Cup. It will take time to use all these stadiums at their maximum.” FIFA’s Jerome Valcke said.

This issue is something that could affect the 2022 World Cup which will be hosted by Qatar and they are on the process of creating a number of stadiums as well as refreshing that are already built but when the tournament reaches it’s inevitable end, it might become difficult for those stadiums to get filled up at full capacity which is the reason on why it’s being for.