Premier League leaders Chelsea are likely to retain their position in the standings until the New Year.

The Blues could as well win it if they can keep their unbeaten run further. Analyses show that each time Chelsea won the league, they topped the table during Christmas.

Antonio Conte would be pleased with his achievements since taking over as Chelsea manager during the summer. The former Italy national team coach has supervised a ten-game winning streak that would break records if it continues beyond this year. It is quite an achievement for a side that placed 15th around this time last year, even as defending champions.

Premier League records show that half of the teams that lead the table around the end of the year go all the way. Usually, any of the top three teams as at Christmas go on to win the league but Arsenal won the league in 1997 despite placing sixth in December.

Current Championship side Aston Villa is the biggest disappointment in the records having dropped to sixth place in May despite leading during Christmas in 1999. Historically, Chelsea are likely to make the top four if they continue their run until year end. Most log leaders go on to retain top four status when the season ends.

Since the turn of the ‘Premier League,’ no team that placed 7th in Christmas day ended up winners in May or even finish in the top four. Only Leeds United did an amazing job, rising from 12th during the year-end to finish 4th in 2001.

Leicester City have the worst record in finishing a year in third place but dropping to 13th in 2001 and it seems the Premier League defending champions want create another bad record after losing to Bournemouth – further plunging down this season.