Greg Vanney believes he is about to make history as the coach of Toronto FC

Toronto FC is currently positioned in the middle section of the Eastern Conference of the MLS and in the history of the club; they have never managed to reach a playoff spot but Greg Vanney who was selected as the coach earlier on August 31 of 2014, believes that he can push the team and help them snatch a spot that they have never reached before.

The 41 year old manager of Toronto FC, Greg Vanney said: “We have the history that is behind us that everybody wants to remind you of whenever things go bad. It’s always weighing on people and they’re quick to say, ‘Ah, here we go again. We’re trying to take that big step forward that says that’s not us anymore. That history is no longer us; we’re rewriting the history of who we are and who are are going to be.

The big step that Greg Vanney was referring to was in relation to the club never in their history being able to reach a playoff position but he is optimistic that this will change soon as he believes that his team has been improving significantly in recent times.

One of the standout players of Toronto FC has been Sebastian Giovinco who was signed by the Canadian club back in January of 2015. Giovinco has scored 17 goals and provided his teammates with 13 assists in 25 games which is an outstanding statistic for a player who had to settle with a place on the sidelines of his former club Juventus before eventually deciding to make a move to the MLS.

The clubs that are positioned in the top 6 spots of the MLS are the ones that qualify for the playoffs and Toronto FC has been working hard trying to seal one of these coveted positions and if Greg Vanney continues securing more points with his team, he will indeed manage to rewrite the history of his club.