Mark Warbuton is eager to reach the Champions League

For the past few years, the only Scottish club that has been able to consistently reach the Champions League and compete in the European competition is Celtic FC but the head coach of Rangers FC, Mark Warbuton has recently voiced his desire to push his team to the prestigious tournament just how Celtic has been regularly doing.

“It’s good for Scottish football that they got through to the group stages. At some stage, I want to be involved in the Champions League. Then you have to get the squad to deal with that. The big clubs have the strength in depth to deal with the difficulties thrown up by those types of high-quality games, but getting there has got to be our long-term aim.

To get into the Champions League you need to win the Premiership title, it’s that simple.Are we ready to win the title is the obvious question because, if you do that, then you’re in the qualifying rounds. We’ve got to make sure we’re highly competitive and I’m very comfortable with what we have in terms of the squad.”Mark Warbuton of Rangers said as he expressed his ambition of competing in the Champions League.

Mark Warbuton is keen on getting things rolling with Rangers FC and contend with the best clubs in Europe, it’s extremely unlikely that Rangers will be able to actually defeat top squads such as: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, just to name a few of the clubs that are considered to be as the best in the world but the objective of Warbuton is not to defeat any of those teams but just to actually qualify for the prestigious competition is something that would be impressive and memorable for the Scottish club.