Solskjaer feel Rooney to be Biggest Players in English Football

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinks that his former teammate and one of the biggest superstars in English football Wayne Rooney is better off playing as a midfielder.

According to Solskjaer, seeing Rooney play in the last few games, one can say that the 29-year old can help his team more playing deep than playing right up front.

Rooney was the first scorer for the Red Devils the other night when they took on Liverpool on their home pitch.

Later on, two more goals got scored by United and they eventually won by 3-0.

By virtue of the three points that United got in that game there, they are now at the third position in the Premier League table, 5 points behind Manchester City and 8 points behind Chelsea.

It was United’s 6th win on the trot. After losing 0-1 to the local rivals City, they have not looked behind and have got better of teams like Arsenal, Southampton and then, Liverpool.

Obviously, a lot of work is still to be done for United to be able to take over City in the table. It requires mammoth effort actually, but, from where they were at the start of the season to reach where they are now; it’s already a heck of an effort by the 20-time champions.

And, Rooney, the captain, has obviously done his bit in this turnaround of the team, playing in a new role, deeper than what he used to do and flourishing.

When Solskjaer was asked about Rooney after the Liverpool game, the 41-year old Norwegian said, “Wayne has been slotted to a position which he is best suited to at the moment and he is doing a great job there. He is just getting better and better in the midfield.”