Tony Xia reckons the total amount of wealth any owner has got matters little

It’s about the amount he actually puts in for the welfare of the team.

Recently, a chart of the wealthiest Chinese individuals was released by a magazine and the Villa faithful couldn’t believe the position of their chairman in that chart.

Xia’s position was down to 890, while, some of the other Chinese personalities who have bought English clubs of late featured a lot higher.

The worrisome supporters are starting to doubt now whether Xia is wealthy enough to give Villa the kind of maintenance it needs.

But, Xia, through Twitter which is his favourite medium to connect to the world, has assured the Villains that he can pull as much amount out of his locker for the team as any other owner would.

He was quoted saying, “That chart means nothing in the context of Football. What happens if I am lagging towards the bottom there?”

“The figure which you invest is more important than the figure your bank account is showing.”

“Yes, I might not have as much in the bank as maybe someone else coming from China has, but, on the basis of that, you can’t say I would not invest as much as needed.”

“I have already made this point on social media that the lack of money will not be behind any problem at Villa because I will be ready with the money if it is meaningfully needed anywhere.”

While Xia’s wealth definitely remains a talking point, despite his promise of not letting it come in the way of anything, the other talking point is the reputation of the 39-year old which does not seem to be that good around China itself.