Managers On The Exit As Premier League Comes To An End

As the premier League comes to an end, there are several managers who would be looking to exit from their current careers.

There is one match remaining of the current season. Some managers would be looking at exit their jobs end of this season. Others would be prepared as there is still uncertainty in the air as well as dependent on what position others take up.

Among the probable ones in the air, one that is ripe with speculations is Louis van Gaal. His future as being speculated about this year and many critics has talked about his manners and styles that have had an influence on the team. Many are not happy with the idea that Van Gaal would be continuing to have another season at Manchester United. Some state that United’s executive vice chairman might be having second thoughts of replacing Van Gaal before his contract ends. There is rumor that Jose Mourinho is set to be the likely replacement for him. However, it is known that United does not take decisions in haste.

Hence, it might be that the club will see if Mourinho will wait to take the coveted title next year and Van Gaal is able to take the club through FA Cup. The club has had a tough season this year. It has been rumored that most of the club executives have been quiet in responding to any suggestions or in giving any positive response. Many fans have been unhappy with Van Gaal’s presence and have made it evident in many ways.

The final response waits at the end of the season. It is time that the club executives sat up and took definite action regarding the future of the club and to spruce up its performance.