25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho Tribute – Impossible to Forget HD.mp4”

  1. The best #10 in the history…But now:(…But now…BUT NOW FUCKING RONALDO

  2. Perhaps, the greatest player to ever grace the game in the modern era…!!

  3. I’m not a barca-fan today. But Barca 05/06 is one of my favorite teams of
    all time.

  4. Football players play football. Ronaldinho PLAYED WITH football. The
    difference between the two is huge. That’s why nobody comes near

  5. Ronaldinho was NOT the greatest player in history. Because no such thing

    He was however in the elite ranks of the finest players that ever played
    this game. A pantheon of players made by others as well, like Zizu,
    Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele, CR7, Messi, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, Romario,
    Beckham, Henry, Scmeichel, Del Piero and many many more!

    So instead of arguing on who’s “the best” just be happy that you were alive
    to witness such great players. Savor every minute because they all retire
    at some point!

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo is a complete player. Lionel messi, Ronaldo and
    Ronaldinho were born with a unique gift. 

  7. Don’t argue ronaldinho is the greatest player to ever live a long with
    Zidane maradona pele

  8. Most babies before they were born were held inside a womb. Ronaldinho was
    held inside a football. 

  9. Simple reason why I think Ronaldhino is above C. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar:

    *He never dived like a bitch and was much more skillful then them.*

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